As a cohesive team at Velticom, we have honed a diverse set of skills through our dedicated work in mobile app development.
Our expertise encompasses:


We have meticulously crafted applications that seamlessly run on both iOS and Android platforms, catering to the dynamic landscape of mobile phones and tablets.

Global Collaboration

With a proven track record of remote development across various projects and time zones, we thrive in the international arena, bringing together diverse perspectives & talents.

Architectural Proficiency

Our mastery of both MVC and MVVM architectural patterns ensures the robust foundation of our applications, fostering maintainability and scalability

Advanced Code Techniques

We skillfully employ closures, delegates, and protocols to create efficient and modular code structures, enhancing code readability and reusability, while also leveraging extensions for added functionality.

Data Management

Employing CoreData, Realm, and Firebase, empowers us to manage complex data structures effectively. We also leverage caching and local databases for optimal data persistence and synchronization.

Custom Synchronization Protocols

We engineer custom synchronization protocols to seamlessly connect data across various devices and platforms, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Remote & Local Notifications

By skillfully implementing remote and local notifications, we ensure that users receive timely updates and alerts, keeping them engaged and informed about important app events.

Bluetooth LE & Beacons

Our adeptness in Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) technology and beacon integration allows us to create context-aware applications. This empowers users with seamless device communication, enabling location-based interactions and personalized experiences.

Core Location & Mapping

Our precise integration of Core Location and maps enhances location-based functionalities, enriching user experiences with accurate geospatial data. This ensures seamless navigation and location-aware features within our apps.

Visual Excellence

Our mastery in auto-layout and Core Animation transforms app interfaces into intuitive and visually stunning experiences, captivating users and enhancing overall usability

Integrated Functionality

Seamlessly integrating social media SDKs, we enhance app functionality and user connectivity, enabling effortless sharing and interaction across various platforms.

Reactive Programming

Our expertise in reactive programming adds a dynamic layer to our apps, enabling real-time data flow and responsiveness. This ensures that our applications adapt swiftly to user actions and external events.

Software Design Principles

Applying solid programming principles and clean architecture, we ensure code integrity, ease of maintenance, and adaptability to evolving requirements. Our dedication to these principles results in applications that are not only functional but also robust and future-proof.

In summary,

our skillful team at Velticom possesses a comprehensive range of talents that span from technical expertise to collaborative prowess, resulting in the development of high-quality, user-centric mobile applications that consistently exceed expectations.