How important is colour in design?

How important is colour in design?

Colour can make you look away or draw you in. It has the power to create an emotion as powerful as music can. Colour helps us instantly understand our environment. It is intrinsically important to our everyday life. It is all around us all the time and helps us to relate and to respond to our world, even if we generally take it for granted.
Design, is all about balance. The more complicated the colours and the scheme, the more difficult it is to achieve balance.
Yellow is often considered the brightest and most energizing of the warm colors.
In your designs, bright yellow can lend a sense of happiness and cheerfulness.

Graphic design trends 2020

Graphic design trends 2020

Graphic design trends 2020 are here and about to steal your heart!

Year 2020 is less than three months away and everyone is already wondering what the world of graphic design will look like. Undoubtedly, graphic design has always been a field of deep admiration and huge inspiration to many and we all can’t wait to see what awaits. We’ve made a deep research to spot the rise in several particular trends which are expected to boom next year.

Graphic design trends 2020 are:
  1. 3D depth and realism
  2. Going monochrome
  3. Shiny metals
  4. Typography craze
  5. Image and text masking
  6. Line art
  7. Collages of drawings and photos
  8. Simplified illustrations
  9. Isometric illustrations
  10. Earthy colors: a sense of vintage
  11. Patterns and textures
  12. Geometric designs
  13. Liquids


Why A Good Web Site Matters To Your Business

Why A Good Web Site Matters To Your Business

1. Your web site reflects you as a business owner and professional.

If your web site looks professional, your potential clients will think you’re a professional who has enough clients and enough income to have a site built for you. If potential clients visit your web site and it looks half-assed and home-built that’s how they’ll perceive you.

If you’re a web developer, by all means, build your own site, as that will reflect your capabilities. Everyone else, hire a solid company that can do a good job, not just in building your web site, but in getting it seen and in building it wisely to maximize the traffic you’ll get.

2. Your web site can mean extra local business.

Even if you’re primarily brick and mortar, having a solid web site can mean extra business. Local clientele often perform seaches online and find your web site, encouraging them to walk into your store. If they find your competitors and they look more reputable or solid than you (or if they have a web site and you don’t), you’ll lose business, just because of your web site. And, when you’re mentioned in the media or on review sites like Angie’s List, you’ll need a web site to help people find you.

3. Your web site can mean global business.

Did you ever think about getting orders from Australia or Malaysia? Launching a fantastic web site means you’ll instantly become a global business, allowing you to expand your clientele to a much larger audience. Your web site is visible in almost every country around the globe, and that means you expand your potential client base by millions. You’ll still want to keep your target market in mind, but an international audience may still find you appealing.

4. Your web site can generate media interest.

If a journalist is looking for an expert in your field to quote for an article, s/he is more likely to choose the business owner whose web site looks professional and clean than someone who looks like they don’t really know what they’re doing. And as most of you know, a mention in the media can be powerful for your business!

Don’t do your business a disservice by putting up a shoddy web site. Take care and invest wisely in your business web site by hiring someone who knows what they’re doing. Next week I’ll talk about what components you need in your web, and in two weeks, I’ll cover how to hire a web company.


Think More, Design Less

Think More, Design Less

“The design is not just what it looks like and feels like. The design is how it works” — Steve Jobs

It is important to have a clean appealing design in all mediums that speak to many and not just one particular audience.  What we think Steve Jobs was trying to say is that – Design is all about how it Works!  Things can look pretty but it is not only how someone can look at the piece of work in all aspects.  It is how one relates to it, finds it easily, understands it and wants to use it again that makes the design great.  This applies to everyone – new and old users.  Today a designer not only wants to make their work appealing but make it work now and in the future as well.   Beautiful just isn’t cutting it anymore.  Remember to make the design that WORKS!

Things that look beautiful and don’t provide a good user experience comes with an expiry date.

Why is White Space Important?

Why is White Space Important?

Whitespace isn’t a waste of space but instead is vital to your brand messaging.


White Space Attracts.
The eye is immediately drawn to what is different. When confronted with a page full of images and text, your eyes will automatically go to what stands out.

White Space Improves Readability and Comprehension.
This can be in the form of leading between lines of type or between graphic elements. Making it easier for a viewer to read your message leads them to keep reading and not leave.

White Space Gives Emphasis and Direction.
White space around certain elements directs the viewer to what is most important.

White Space Implies Sophistication.
Most luxury brands make generous use of white space. Simply adding white space gives an upscale aura to your brand.


The Importance of Photography For Your Website

The Importance of Photography For Your Website

Why should you choose a professional photographer?

The truth is that every business in every industry can benefit greatly from professional photography. No matter who your customers are or what you are selling, high quality photography is an important asset that will contribute to your overall success. When it comes to business expenses that are absolutely worth it, professional photography should be at the top of the list.

Here are 5 reasons why you should choose a professional photographer to capture those unique shoots you dream of.


Professional commercial photographers do photography for a living.


The ordinary consumer cameras cannot compare in quality to cameras in quality to cameras and lenses that your commercial photographer owns.


When you hire a pro, you’re not just hiring a person with a decent camera. You’re getting someone who has industry knowledge, editing expertise and creative flare.


Because you’re buying a service not just an image. Depending upon the type of shoot required, editing can play a huge part in your final images.

Time & Money

Hiring a professional will in the long run save you a lot of time, money and stress. You will most likely be using the images taken to market your service or product. It is said that a single image is worth a thousand words.

5 Reasons Why Having A Mobile App Is Important For Your Business

5 Reasons Why Having A Mobile App Is Important For Your Business

Mobile phones have made everything convenient and accessible. From sharing what you had for lunch to ordering online, mobile applications have made life convenient. It’s no wonder lots of businesses have invested into making their website mobile-friendly.

 Build Brand And Recognition

A mobile app can help advertise your brand. It’s an effective way of getting your brand out there. You don’t have to pay a huge amount of money for billboards or other promotional campaigns. A mobile app can do this for you.

Create A Direct Marketing Channel

A mobile app gives your customer direct access to your product anytime they want. It’s an effective marketing channel that is directly accessible. Your mobile app provides all the information that your customer wants. They are even updated with your promotions.

Strengthen direct interaction with your customers through push notifications. They will feel valued when they are the first to know about upcoming specials or deals.

Visibility To Your Customers At All Times

Did you know that people spends more than 2 hours on his mobile phone every day?

With this in mind, the likelihood of your brand being recognized is more if you have a mobile app. Customers will get to know your brand more if it’s more visible.

How can you make your mobile app customer-friendly?

First, make it attractive. Choose user-friendly font and colors. In addition, your app should help your customers navigate your website in the most comfortable and fastest way. Remember that most users have short-attention span. They’d scramble away if your app takes so much time to load.

Improves Customer Engagement

One of the most effective ingredients of a successful business is happy customers. A happy customer means that she will purchase from you again. She will even recommend your product to her friends and co-workers.

Promotes Customer Loyalty

One of the most important reasons why you should have mobile app is customer loyalty.

Though it’s important that you attract new customers, making your current customers stay is more important. Business success is hard to reach if you don’t have loyal followers. Your company should endeavor to promote and cultivate customer loyalty. One of the most powerful medium of advertising right now is mobile marketing.  Mobile apps do not only give you a competitive edge against your competitors. It also helps you improve customer relationship and loyalty.